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Heritage Force Sri Lanka envisions a world where the rich tapestry of Sri Lankan history and heritage is discovered, documented, and preserved, fostering awareness and collaboration that transcends borders, connecting the past to the present for generations to come. We aspire to be a catalyst for this transformation, celebrating cultural heritage, and inspiring the future through shared knowledge and enlightenment.

Past Events

Kaala Tharana (Traversing Time)

Kaala Tharana

Come join us in making history and ensuring the preservation of our rich heritage for future generations. Your participation in “Kaala Tharana” will directly support upcoming archaeological expeditions and ongoing research efforts to uncover Sri Lanka’s hidden history.

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latest projects

Meemure Archeological Excavation

On August 5, 2023, the first-ever crowdfunded archaeological excavation in Sri Lanka commenced, under the leadership of the esteemed archaeologist, Senior Professor Raj Somadava. Located within the breathtaking Dumbara (Knuckles) mountain range, access to the excavation site entails a challenging 6-kilometer trek through dense jungle terrain.

This excavation builds upon Professor Somadeva’s prior discovery of a prehistoric village and burial site within the same vicinity. Progress had been impeded in the past due to insufficient funding. However, Professor Somadeva’s tour of Australia in 2023 served as inspiration for expatriate Sri Lankans worldwide, leading to the formation of Heritage Force Sri Lanka (HFSL) to provide the necessary support…

Meemure Excavation: An Interview with
Dr. Ovida Vipulaguna.

Episode 171 of Neth FM’s “Unlimited History” program was filmed on location at the archaeological excavation site in Meemure, Dandeni Kumbure, Kumbukbere.


Our achievements

The program ‘Kaala Tarana’ was broadcasted on the Melbourne Visvavahini TV channel in Australia.

Neth FM Unlimited History
( 171 -Programme )
Recorded on location at the archaeological excavation site in Meemure, Dandeni Kumbure, Kumbukbere, under the sponsorship of HFSL, led by Prof. Raj Somadava.

HFSL made its appearance in the public media spotlight through the well-received weekly radio show “Unlimited History” on Neth FM

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